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Welding Promenade ~ Journal of welding for Asian-Pacific ~

Welding Promenade

A forum for exchanging information about the changing environment of the welding business, and a vital tool for doing business in the vibrant Asian-Pacific market.
※Four issues per year
※Subscription fee:USD90.00 per year


Welding Promenade the first issue

- The first issue contents -
- 創刊号の主な編集内容 -

◇Publisher's Greeting for the premiere issue
◇The Welding Promenade Initiative
◇News from the Asia Welding Federation
◇Area Spotlight-From Our Correspondents in Asia
 Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia
◇Feature/Round-table discussion of the CEOs
◇Trend/FSW(Friction Stir Welding)1
◇Statistics/Industrial Robots
◇Editor's Choice/Product Reviews
◇Guide to International Events / Departments

 シンガポールHIAP SENG Engineering社ルポ
◇連載講座/Welding Engineerへの道(1)

Summary of Publication, Advertising *As of December 2017
■FormatA4, 20 pages (cover1-4:  4-color,  main text:  1-color)
■BreakdownOverseas: 13,146, Japan: 1,000
■ReadershipUsers and dealers of welding equipment and services and researchers engaged in welding-related subjects focused on the Asia-Pacific region
■Distribution・Asian visitors to the Japan International Welding Show : approx. 4,146 people
・Through member countries of the Asia Welding Federation (AWF) and companies belonging to welding industry associations of each country : approximately 3,000 companies
・Overseas welding equipment manufacturers, mostly in Asia : approximately 500 companies
・American Welding Society(AWS) members in the Asia-Pacific :5,000
・Affiliated international welding exhibition : 1,500
■Issue date4 issues (March, June, September, December) / year
■Annual subscription¥9,180
■Deadline for advertising25th of February, May, August, November
■Advertising prices・Cover, 4-color, 1/2 page (12.5H×18W cm)……\400,000 (JPY)
・Cover, 3-color, 1/2 page (12.5H×18W cm)……\330,000 (JPY)
・Cover, 2-color, 1/3 page (8.5H×17.4W cm)……\360,000 (JPY)
・Main text, Monochrome, 1/3 page (8.5H×17.4W cm)……\200,000 (JPY)
・Main text, Monochrome, 1/6 page (8.5H×8.5W cm)……\100,000 (JPY)
・Main text, Monochrome, 1/12 page (4H×8.5W cm)……\50,000 (JPY)

For information about Advertising:
Welding Promenade Editorial Department
E-mail: wp2010@sanpo-pub.co.jp

発行概要 *2017年12月現在
◎体裁A4版20頁建(表1-4 4色、本文1色)
◎内訳海外13,146部 国内1,000部
◎配布先・アジアからの国際ウエルディングショー来訪者 約4,146名
・AWF(アジア溶接連盟) 加盟国会員・各国溶接協会会員企業 約3,000社
・アジアを中心とする海外溶接関連各メーカー 約500社
・アメリカ溶接協会アジアパシフィック会員 5,000名
・溶接関連国際展示会(中国・韓国、米国、独国、日本など) 約1,500部
◎発行日毎年3月、6月、9月、12月の10日予定  ※季刊年4回
本文モノクロ1/3頁(タテ8.5cm×ヨコ17.4cm) …200,000円
本文モノクロ1/6頁(タテ8.5cm×ヨコ8.5cm) …100,000円
本文モノクロ1/12頁(タテ4cm×ヨコ8.5cm)  …50,000円


E-mail: wp2010@sanpo-pub.co.jp

Planning Prospectus
Dear readers,
Following the recent global financial crisis, the Asia-Pacific region has become the focus of the world's attention as the new center of global economic growth. In fact, Europe, America, and Japan are viewing the vigorous demand from this region as a pillar of their economic growth strategy, each recognizing the enormous potential benefit of this demand for their manufacturing industries.
In view of this, for manufacturers of welding and testing equipment to take advantage of the opportunities available in the Asia-Pacific region, it is necessary for them to seek to unify their economic activities in the region.
More specifically, they should step up their partnerships within the Asia-Pacific region by building information and production networks between countries, and also by simply actively engaging in business in the region, to help meet the demand for infrastructure in Asian countries. In short, it is necessary to build a single huge market in the Asia-Pacific region.
On the basis of this need, we took the opportunity to begin publishing an English-language journal, Welding Promenade - Journal of Welding for Asia-Pacific. Taking full advantage of the networks we have cultivated over the years with other Asian countries and also with other parts of the world, our aim is not simply to send out information one-way from Japan, but rather to offer a two-way medium of exchange, with a good mix of information from all around the Asia-Pacific.
We sincerely hope that all who are engaged in this global-scale industry approve of our intentions, as just described, and that you will consider contributing to the editorial content of this journal, as well as advertising in it. We look forward to working with you.
Sanpo Publication Incorporated
WP Editorial Dept.
 こうした需要を鑑み,小社ではこのほど,英文情報誌「Welding Promenade - Journal of Welding for Asia-Pacific」を発行する運びとなりました。小社がこれまで培ってきたアジア諸国,さらには世界各国とのネットワークを最大限に活用し,日本からの一方通行の情報発信に留まらず,アジア各国の情報を織り交ぜた,いわゆる「双方向型」の媒体を目指していきます。